The history of Spring Schools

J. Blietner : Potential Theory - A Probabilistic Approach

Ch. Berg : Harmonic Analysis and Potential Theory

P. Loeb : Nonstandard Analysis

M. Giaquinta, E. Giusti, G. Modica : Regularity of Weak Solutions of PDE's

F. Hirzebruch : A Development of Riemann-Roach and Atiyah-Singer Theorems

H. Bauer : Korovkin Theorems and Related Topics (Cancelled because of the Velvet Revolution)

T. Kilpelainen, O. Martio, Ju. Reshetnyak : Nonlinear Potential Theory and Quasiconformal Mapping

M. Roeckner : Dirichlet Forms

L.-I. Hedberg, J. Kral, L. Zajicek : Small and Exceptional Sets in Analysis and Potential Theory
R. Deville, G. Godefroy, V. Zizler : Recent Trends in Banach Spaces
M. Degiovanni, M. Kucera, A. Marino, P. Quittner, F. Schuricht : Variational Inequalities

R. Haydon : Recent Trends in Banach Spaces
J. Maly, W. Ziemer : Fine Regularity of Solutions of Elliptic PDE's
G. Choquet, M. Husek, S. Negrepontis, R. Phelps, V. Ptak, S. Troyanski, L. Tzafriri, V. Zizler : Banach Spaces, Related Areas and Applications

N. Tomczak-Jaegermann, B. Maurey, E. W. Odell, T. Schlumprecht : Recent Trends in Banach Spaces
C. Kenig : Harmonic Analysis Technique for PDE's in Lipschitz Domains

Y. Benyamini, P. Enflo, P. Mankiewicz, G. Schechtman : Recent Trends in Banach Spaces
Stefan Mueller : Mathematical models of microstructure

J. Diestel, H. Jarchow, R. Aron, G. Godefroy, V. Zizler : Recent Trends in Banach Spaces

1997 - [Apr] [Jun]
F. Altomare, G. Choquet, S. Simons, V. Zizler : Boundaries and Convexity in Banach Spaces
V. Havin : Approximation and uniqueness properties of harmonic differential forms

1998 - [Apr] [Jun]
J. Lindenstrauss, G. Godefroy, J. Orihuela, R. Paya : Recent Trends in Banach Spaces
S.J. Gardiner, P.J. Rippon : Harmonic Approximation and Complex Dynamics

1999 - [Apr] [Jun]
I.I. Namioka, N. Kalton, V. Fonf, J.M.F. Castillo : Recent Trends in Banach Spaces
J. Appell, E. Pustylnik C. Perez: Function Spaces and Their Applications

2000 - [Apr] [Jun]
Robert Deville, Alexander Ioffe, Philip Loewen, Terry Rockafellar: (Non)smooth Analysis in Banach Spaces
Victor Lomonosov, Sergei Treil , Alexander Volberg, Yurii Lyubarskii: Some Recent Techniques in Harmonic Analysis

2001 - [Apr] [Jun]
Yoav Benyamini, Gilles Lancien, Joram Lindenstrauss, Gideon Schechtman: Analysis in Banach Spaces
Andrea Cianchi, Michael Cwikel, Mario Milman: Function Spaces and Interpolation

2003 - [Apr] [Jun]
A. Ioffe, A. Lewis, B.S. Mordukhovich, J.-P. Penot: Variational Analysis
Lars-Inge Hedberg, Igor Verbitsky: Function Spaces and Applications

2004 - [Apr]
S. Argyros, W. Marciszewski, J. Orihuela, S. Todorcevic, S. Troyanski: Nonseparable Banach Spaces

2005 - [Jun]
W. Desmond Evans, Pavel Shvartsman: Function Spaces and Applications

2006 - [Apr]
R.T. Rockafellar, J. Borwein, J.V. Outrata, W. Roemisch, B.S. Mordukhovich: Variational Analysis and its Applications

2007 - [Jun]
Grahame Bennett, Mario Milman: Function Spaces, Inequalities and Interpolation

2009 - [Apr]
Frederic Bonnans, Aris Daniilidis, Assen L. Dontchev, Alexander Ioffe: Variational Analysis and its Applications

2009 - [Jun]
Anders Björn, Fernando Cobos, Thierry Coulhon, Peter A. Hästö: Function Spaces, Inequalities and Interpolation

2010 - [May]
Gerald B. Folland, Stéphane Jaffard, Thomas William Körner: Harmonic Analysis

2011 - [Jun]
Michael Lacey, Andrei K. Lerner: Function Spaces, Approximation, Inequalities and Lineability

2012 - [Apr]
René Henrion, Alexander Ioffe, Alejandro Jofré, Boris Mordukhovich: Variational Analysis and its Applications

2013 - [Jun]
Lars Diening, Javier Duoandikoetxea, Carlos Perez, Vladimir Stepanov: Function Spaces and Inequalities

2015 - [April]
Jonathan M. Borwein (lectures given by Matthew Tam), Marián Fabian, Alexander Ioffe, David Russell Luke: Variational Analysis and its Applications

2015 - [Jun]
Pekka Koskela, Luboš Pick, Juan B. Seoane-Sepúlveda: Function Spaces and Lineability IX

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